Dynamic Organizations

Build a strong organization with embedded coaching and collective efficacy

How you design sessions with us will impact how the information will change your practice.  What we know is that any new learning is enhanced when coaching accompanies implementation.  As our business is focused on integrating a coaching mindset within organizational systems, we strongly advocate for understanding the value of coaching throughout the change process so that the change you desire is fully embedded into the way your program operates now and forever more.  Ongoing coaching accompanying these seminars can support more complete implementation of any action plan.

Example seminars with content/topics embedded in our holistic approach:

This is a virtual seminar intended to offer a broad overview of what a successful professional development system with coaching requires. It is a beneficial starting place for administration and coaching staff to begin planning and conceptualizing their own unique system.

Designed for administrative staff and coaching teams, this series offers a way to transform your program’s coaching and Professional Development system using the most effective methods founded upon research-based coaching and Implementation Science. This is a virtual series of seminars supporting your initial creation of a Dynamic Coaching System linked with professional development, utilizing a 50-page workbook of questions to guide your journey, and includes 6-7 months of coaching support via virtual face-to-face sessions. The goal is to support you implementing a coaching system that is simple, easily putting research into practical application.

When early childhood staff function as cohesive teams, they feel competent and confident in their jobs and tackling challenging situations. There is a greater sense of shared responsibility, less isolation, stress and staff turnover. They know staff “has each other’s back.” The Teaming Program will facilitate the process of identifying strengths and needs for true collaboration and teaming.  Then together create a holistic plan to address issues in the organization, in leadership and in competencies.  The plan will include ways to build trust, collaboration, support and motivation, reflective practice, professionalism, setting goals and improving skills.