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We support and facilitate early childhood programs in bringing awareness to the personal, relational, and organizational factors that can maximize the potentials of each staff member, engage them in their individual purpose and join in creating a connected, highly effective and equitable work environment.

Our recent experiences with the pandemic have highlighted the reality that early childhood staff ARE the most critical components of any program. We offer a range of supports needed to strengthen those staff members.

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We inspire, facilitate and maximize the potential in professionals, leaders and organizations through coaching and professional development.

— Kristen & Janet

About Our Holistic Approach

Early learning organizations face daily challenges: high staff turnover, little collaboration, staff feeling overwhelmed and stressed, etc. Our nationally recognized coaches and consultants are grounded in practical application and an understanding of systemic educational practices today. The supports we offer address these challenges in more systemic ways leading to effective, dynamic programs.

Organizations have an unprecedented accountability to everyone – staff, families, communities and funders. They need to be the best they can be in order to be responsive to the children and families they serve. This level of excellence is dependent on the commitment of each member within the organization, and how their strengths are harnessed to create healthy ‘villages’ engaged in the parallel process of developing healthy children and families. Effective leadership, educational practices, prevention and intervention strategies, and family engagement must promote the well-being of all involved in that healthy village.

We offer you flexibility in designing the professional development opportunities your staff need based on the following facilitated specialty topics.

Consider joining a Cohort model with a progression of training explorations to promote understanding and use of an organization-wide coaching mindset leading to transformative program outcomes:

Opening Minds (Part 1)

A Community of Practice/Professional Learning Community for Directors and Managers to explore implementation of a coaching mindset: what coaching is; coaching competencies like developing trust in relationships, listening deeply, effective feedback, powerful questioning; using coaching strategies for managing staff; intro to creating and sustaining a dynamic coaching mindset system.

Opening Connections

(Part 2) A Community of Practice/Professional Learning Community for Directors and their 3-4 member chosen/volunteer team: engaging in long-term (6 month) group sessions focused on developing competencies needed to generate an organization-wide coaching mindset. This is needed to keep a focus on retaining, recruiting, and inspiring staff to reach their fullest potentials and thus ultimate program outcomes.

(Part 3) Year-long coaching certificate program for 2-5 member chosen/volunteer staff: focuses on developing and maximizing the human potential of each individual and supports the development of a coaching mindset in a social learning climate where a synergy of shared learning and reflective dialogue about practice are examined, analyzed and refined. This program has benefited Directors, all Managers, Coaches, Family Services and lead teaching staff.

Opening Possibilities (Part 2)

Ongoing coaching for the collective leadership team(s) in developing the organization’s capacity to impact the whole of the system/organization through time.

The strategy and activities of Part 1 and 2 include using the evidence- and research-based Implementation Science approach (see diagram below) to support the transformation of each unique program and ensure sustainability over time. “An infrastructure is needed to support and sustain such changes. The infrastructure, or Implementation Drivers, include developing staff competencies, creating supportive organization environments, and assuring engaged leadership. These implementation components must all be focused on the implementation of the program practice and must connect to one another and the program’s practice in a logical way.”


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