Early Childhood Coaching Institute

Coaching Certificate Program

The Coaching Certificate Program supports the development of a coaching mindset grounded in the understanding of equity, behavioral sciences and systemic educational practices. Each Cohort engages in shared learning and reflective dialogue as they examine, analyze and refine their coaching competencies. This is the only early childhood coaching certificate program in the US enhancing universal coaching competencies as developed by the International Coaching Federation and fully research- and evidence-based. 

This unique and cutting-edge program is designed to promote equitable and inclusive practices. Cohort members are incredibly diverse, including: culture, language, race, geographical location, and perspectives/thinking to name a few. This diversity provides a core element of our group learning process: valuing differences and honoring each individual to build true inclusion, equity and belonging within the Cohort. The Program is a perfect fit for educators, coaches, program directors, principals, family home educators, early interventionist or itinerant special education staff, professional development trainers, home visitors, or Head Start family service advocates.

Other coaching programs focus on how to teach/coach only a specific curriculum or assessment tool, restricting individualism and flexibility to communities and programs – coaching for compliance. Our approach works seamlessly and in coordination with various curriculum approaches, instructional practices and programs. We focus on maximizing the human potential of each individual, uplifting and motivating from within to support long-lasting and sustainable change for individuals and programs!

Our Year-long Coaching Certificate is organized in three sections:

Course 1: Foundations

Part 1 focuses on learning, understanding, and using relationship- and evidence-based coaching skills and strategies in early childhood settings. Participants practice the fundamentals of coaching using a systematic, individualized, reflective approach, and through sharing experiences with others in class, during online Zoom sessions and practicum. Outcome: Learn and utilize evidence-based strategies to develop an equitable coaching approach to use in a variety of settings.

Course 2: Awareness

Part 2 focuses on increasing self-reflective practices, personal communication skills, and identification of effective ongoing support strategies including deep human connection, self-directed action and thoughtful planning and goal setting for continuous improvement, integrating skills with effective application in sessions and practicum experiences. Outcome: Apply enhanced awareness, authentic self-reflective practices, meta-cognitive thinking, generative listening, perceptive responsiveness, and facilitative dialogue.

Course 3: Attuning

Part 3 integrates skills from the Foundations and Awareness seminars to complete the EC Coaching Certificate Program. Participants practice refining and altering coaching based on needs and readiness, while learning sustainable, organizational change that embeds coaching in all professional practice. Outcome: Develop and co-create a coaching mindset within a social learning climate as part of systems thinking and change.


90-hour Learning + 45-hour Practicum

for the FULL YEAR of individualized coaching professional development.

The University of Colorado Denver is hosting the next Early Childhood Coaching Certificate January 2025! 

See the University website for program and registration information. New updates will be available Fall of 2024.

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Join the University of Colorado Denver Early Childhood Coaching Certificate directly! See the University website for program and registration details and information sessions. The next University Cohort will be #24 and begins January 2025! Check back in the Fall of 2024 for details.