Maximizing Human Potential

Dynamic Coaching Systems LLC  supports equitable human capacity building for professionals and organizations at all levels.

We offer the Coaching Certificate Program through the Early Childhood Coaching Institute.


Coaching, Consultation & Facilitated Training

Dynamic Systems

We motivate leaders and teams to provide the highest quality of services to children and families. Investing in their staff members is key to such quality.

Coaching Certificate

Our Coaching Certificate program supports the development of a coaching mindset for an entire system: teachers, coaches, principals, managers, family services and more.

Dynamic Teams

We know that by creating a safe space to empower early childhood professionals to tap into their own strengths, foster professionalism and individual expertise, and more.

Coaching Summit 2023

January 10-12, 2023

Virtual Coaching Conference — Maximize and Uplift Potentials

Registration opens Oct 1, 2022

                      We envision strong, competent professionals and systems 

                                 leading to strong, competent young children and families.

— Kristen Klaassen & Janet Humphryes


What Guides Our Work

  • Our disposition is grassroots, in the field, grounded in the understanding of equity, behavioral sciences and systemic educational practices.
  • Our recent experiences with the pandemic have highlighted the reality that strong staff equals a strong program. Services to children and families have continued to be offered even  even without the physical center being open. We believe staff are our most valuable resources, thus retention is critical for programs to thrive.
  • We translate research into manageable, practical applications that support individual and systemic change, all focused on fidelity to children and families.


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